Dutch Foundation Stichting Stop Vrouwenbesnijdenis (End Female Circumcision) is active in the field of combating female circumcision, primarily in Mali. We have different backgrounds and work on a voluntary basis (click the pictures to learn more). We combine our work with our daily routines and some of us are also active in the prevention of female circumcision in the Netherlands. We hope for eradication of female circumcision. Not just in Mali, but throughout the world.  


Our foundation has its origins in 1990 in Mali. At the age of 22, the founder started her prevention activities in her family. At the time, female circumcision was common - and believed to be necessary - in her country. Yet, she managed to convince her sisters to prevent their daughters from being circumcised. 7 years later, in her home town of Kati, she raised a campaign group called Tagnè (Progress). Since then, it has developed into a nationally
well-known and respected ngo. As a result of Tagnè's activities, female circumcision has been banned from the streets of Kati as, in the past, it used to be celebrated publicly. Moreover, since its start, 251 villages have collectively decided to end female circumcision by signing an official statement. Traditionally, this statement is signed around February 6, which is international zero tolerance day. In Kati, female circumcision has not been eradicated completely, however. Besides, thousands of villages are still in need of prevention activities in this field.      

​Second campaign group

For this reason, in 2012 a second campaign group was set up to carry out activities in other parts of the founder's home town. The name of this group is Mousso Dambé (Women's dignity). In Mali, it has difficulty receiving funds, however. The government only provides training and does not grant any subsidy. Therefore, the foundation Stichting Stop Vrouwenbesnijdenis was initiated in the Netherlands. It aims to raise funds and first of all finance the prevention activities in Mali. For this reason, we will first focus on Mousso Dambé.

In 2019

Currently, Mousso Dambé is carrying out supporting activities in the town of Kati. In the past, information activities of Tagnè were already aimed at this town, but it is important to keep the message alive. For this purpose, every month Mousso Dambé visits all health centres in the Kati districts. This is due to the fact that it does not have the means to travel to any villages. The latter is what it is hoping for, however.


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