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Information sessions in 10 villages

This project has been co-created with the campaign group of Mousso Dambé. The group aims to do information sessions in 10 villages in the Nèguèla department near Kati, in Mali. Kati is a fast-growing town near Bamako, which is the capital of Mali.

These 10 villages have 25,00 inhabitants, 6,300 of whom are girls who can be protected by this project. As people have never been informed otherwise, an estimated 100% of girls born there are circumcised. The project aims to reduce this to 70% in a year's time.


Every month the campaign group of 9 people visits each village to do an information session. Besides, an evaluation visit to each village is made twice a year. Each group member has his or her own specific task. The group consists of 4 information workers, 1 project leader, 1 coordinator, 1 evaluator, and 2 general and technical workers. The information session addresses various themes, such as the male and female genitals, the purpose of the various parts, the reproduction process, circumcision, and its possible consequences. Of course the village people are stimulated to end female circumcision.

The team
Each village forms its own team of villagers. The team is then educated to keep the information alive for the village people. The team is the link between the campaing group and the villagers. It continues the work after Mousso Dambé will have left, after approximately 5 years.   

​What is needed for the project

There is a need for audiovisual equipment (1 laptop, 1 beamer, a projection screen, speakers, extension cords, among other things) and transport equipment. Besides, resources are needed to do PR on local radio stations and to give an allowance for expenses to the group members. The latter allows them to take care of their households while staying in the villages.   

​Project costs

The project, which runs a year, costs € 25,700 in total. You can contact us for more information.

Request for donations

You can support our project by making a donation to our bank account. Alternatively, you can make an online donation via this website or you can contact us.

We will keep you updated of the project on this website.


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